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Trainee Program: Management & Graduate (Eklavya) 

A unique Management Trainee program called “Eklavya” was instituted at MLL in 2013. Unlike the mythological hero, who learned the art of warfare from the idol of Guru Dronacharya, the Eklavya’s of MLL receive their induction from the senior management team directly. However, once trained, they are made capable enough to become self-managed and self-directed in their approach.  This is further followed up by giving them tasks and projects pertaining to their fields and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Under Eklavya, the first Management Trainee batch started in the year 2013. The selection process involved resume submission, group discussions and one-on-one interviews. Once hired, the Eklavyas’ undergo a rigorous induction program to get them to understand the organization, its culture and the expectations from them. MLL invests a lot into this group of Eklavyas’ in terms of training and mentoring, which is done by the senior management, so that they can be groomed to take up leadership roles in the organization at a suitable time.

Internship @ MLL

At MLL we believe in the “start young” philosophy. We scout campuses across the country and create a pool of potential resources to be hired for future organizational requirements and also start building relationship with Institutes. Besides, interactions like these give the students a chance to work on live projects, gets them exposed to the real life scenarios and encourage them to think out of the box. These projects range from topics ranging from Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT, HR etc.

The potential interns are chosen from a systematically designed entrance process. Once selected, the interns work closely with their respective “mentors” on short-term projects. The mentor is involved very closely in guiding the intern through-out the project period.

Upon successful completion, the intern is expected to make a detailed presentation on the activity. Basis the output quality, the interns are graded and may also be considered for job offers upon successful completion of their education programs.

MLL visits institutes specializing in the fields of Engineering and Management across the country. Some of the institutes visited by us in the past are :

  • KJ Somaiya
  •  NITIE
  •  Sydenham Institute of Management Studies
  •  NMIMS


Traditionally, the logistics industry has seen a lot of knowledge being created by way of newer techniques and technology deployment. Considering this immense wealth of knowledge available, a need was felt to create a repository in collaboration with the management institutes and the industry as two pillars.

Thus was born the concept of ‘’Logiquest’’

In its simplest form, Logiquest is a white paper contest where the student teams from multiple institutes are required to take up topics in the logistics industry. The students are then encouraged to think “out-of-the-box” and come up with solutions. These student teams are then judged on multiple parameters by industry veterans.

The sense of competition brings out the best of the ideas out in the open. This allows the students an exposure to real time industry scenarios enabling them to widen their thinking horizons and also allows the industry to access the elusive solutions to complex issues. Simultaneously, it creates a repository of ideas and solutions which could be accessed by the industry whenever the need is felt. In its inception year itself, Logiquest attracted 207 teams from multiple institutes. All the teams had to present their solutions to the judges. Of these 32 made it to the semifinals, while 10 made it to the finals. In the grand finale event adjudged by prominent industry veterans, top three teams were adjudged as the winners and were felicitated suitable.

The top honor was bagged by the team from NMIMS followed by NITIE and NMIMS again at the third place.

Buoyed by the experience gathered in its inception year itself, MLL now intends to take Logiquest on a national level in its second season.