Mahindra Logistics

Employee Initiatives

Health Activities:

  • 1st Health Check-up Camp:

In August 2014, MLL organized a General Health Check-up Camp in which 32 employees volunteered benefiting 479 villagers as a result. This camp was undertaken in the supervision of a team of 6 doctors PHC and Private Dispensaries. 

  • 2nd Health Check-up Camp: 

The second camp was conducted in February 2015, where 43 employee volunteers from Mumbai, Bhiwandi and Pune contributed to significantly benefit 225 patients. This too was organized in consultation with PHC and Private Dispensaries. Information about Leprosy also was given on the occasion and awareness was made among the villager.

Educational Assistance:

  • Children’s Day Celebration at Aware Village 14th November 2014: 

MLL teams from Mumbai & Bhiwandi celebrated Children’s Day with the school kids of Aware village involving 44 employee volunteers. Activities like a rally for ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, competitions like ‘Best out of Waste’ and ‘Rangoli-making’ were a part of this event.  Winners of these competitions were awarded footwear and chocolates. 

  • Picnic of School Children:

In Feb 2015, an Educational Visit for Tribal Children to the Flower Cultivation Center at Kambare, was organized in association with Sambhav Foundation, an active NGO in that area.

  • Banana Distribution to School children at Aware Village: To address the issue of Nutrition of the Aware Village children, MLL has decided to contribute towards distribution of Bananas to all schools and Anganwadis in the Group Gram Panchayat of Aware village. As a result, about 470 children (Including Aware Group Gram Panchayat areas – 3 school and 4 Anganwadis) get bananas every Friday.
  • Safe Drinking Water Facility: In early 2015, a Check Dam was constructed by 95 volunteers (including MLL employees) in an attempt to address the water scarcity of the area. 

Vocational Training center & Create Employment:

  • Employability:

To address unemployment in Aware village, MLL has decided to hire 10 candidates for its Forklift Operation Jobs. We partnered with Integron Company for shortlisting and training of the candidates from Aware village. So in the month of November 2014, we initiated the process and out of 88 candidates, 10 were selected from which 1 was dropped out and 9 were trained by the Integron Company. They have also received certificates from Voltas Ltd. MLL is now in the position to absorb 4 of them in their Bhivandi warehouse, and 5 in their Chakan warehouse as soon as they receive Forklift driving license from RTO. 

  • Vocational Training Centre cum Community Resource Centre: 

58 MLL employee volunteers from Pan India and Chakan worked together to clean and paint the village Community Centre through Shramadana in February 2015. This community center is now being used for various vocational training and social activities by the villagers.  

Women’s Empowerment:

  • Woman Empowerment Program with Self Help Groups:

In June 2014, MLL organized a women’s empowerment program in which 16 female employee volunteers participated contributing to benefit more than 200 women from the village. With the help of an NGO, Sambhav Foundation, these women were explained the importance and power of Self-Help groups. 

  • Personality Development for 24 Young Ladies: 

As a part of the Rural Development, MLL is focusing on empowerment of the Young Women in the village by conducting workshops and training on various subjects and calling experts from different fields. In September 2014, we conducted personality development camp in which 24 young ladies were benefited with topics like communication, change in attitude, positive interactions with others, acquiring knowledge etc. through interactive sessions by experts like Mr. Mahnohar Jadhav – Counselor from SNDT University.

  • Training of Handicraft Making - Micro-finance Skill Development:

In Feb 2015, an event was conducted on Women’s empowerment to explain about 46 women, the concept and benefits of micro-finance for making handicrafts. 

Other need based Activities:

  • Environmental Activity at Aware Village - Tree Plantation:

In February 2015, a Tree Plantation activity was conducted wherein 170 employee volunteers participated contributing by planting about 500 saplings. These saplings were of Fruit and Flower trees. The purpose of this activity was two- fold: 

  • Environmental Benefits
  • Income Generation through Agricultural Product
  • MCM Member’s Visit to Aware

As a part of our village adoption program, our management committee visited Aware village to do ESOP activities in November in which 29 Employee volunteers participated. Activities like the inauguration of Farmer’s Club of 23 farmers, Young Women’s Club of 25 young ladies, Declaration of 10 selected candidates for the training of Forklift operation and employment program etc. were undertaken. The members also visited the Tribal Hamlet in the village to assess the condition of the villagers to identify their scope of work.

  • Ration Card Camp: 

Due to lack of proper ration cards, most of the families in the village Aware are deprived of the benefits of the PDS system. MLL along with Sambhav Foundation approached the District Rationing Officer to resolve these issues and as per their instructions, they decided to collect relevant documents from the villagers through relevant campaigns with the help of MLL Volunteers. Through this document collection drive, MLL employee volunteers were able to collect the relevant documents for about 360 villagers. These documents were then handed over to the NGO for further processing.