Mahindra Ridge


Mahindra Logistics’ core fundamental lies in giving back to the community in which it operates. With this objective, Mahindra Logistics has adopted a village named Aware in Shahpur Taluka in the Thane district. 

Aware village had the constant struggle of getting safe drinking water, lacking basic health centers and the knowledge on the importance of personal hygiene & cleanliness, poor education infrastructure, bad roads impacting communication and development and a basic drainage system. Initial studies by Mahindra Logistics and the enthusiasm shown by the Gram Panchayat to partner with Mahindra Logistics in village development made Aware an ideal village for this initiative. 

Mahindra Logistics partnered with an NGO, Sambhav Foundation, in Feb 2014 to improve the village infrastructure in a phased manner. 

A three year plan was proposed to address the issues as per their long-term impact. 

In the first step, initiatives towards improving the school are being implemented. A new three classroom building was constructed and handed over to the Gram Panchayat. Computers and library are to be followed soon.

Being a tribal area, nutrition has always been a concern in Aware and its surroundings. Thus, Mahindra Logistics decided to contribute Bananas every Friday, to all the general and Anganwadi schools in the Gram Panchayat group of Aware village.

Mahindra Logistics has already conducted two medical check-up camps and guided the villagers on the importance of personal hygiene and other issues.

To address the acute drinking water shortage in summers, a check dam was also constructed.

Other initiatives include:

  • 9 villagers inducted into the MLL system as forklift operators after a systematic entrance process and due training. 
  • About 50 women villagers been empowered through micro finance in making handicrafts.
  • About 1200 saplings been planted in the vicinity of the Aware village helping not only in environmental protection but also providing  income to the villagers. 

The plans ahead include:

  • Repairing the existing school building 
  • Contributing towards the computer lab and library
  • Providing the nearby Anganwadi’s with necessary equipment and stationary items
  • Installing a rain water harvesting system and concrete check dam on the river
  • Women’s empowerment through skill development training programs 
  • Creating training and providing employment opportunities to the village youth among others