Mahindra Logistics


Dock Intelligent Scheduling Application (DIShA), is a sophisticated piece of software that takes care of any congestion in the warehouse, by scheduling the vehicles to a particular bay as per their time of their arrival, availability of bay, criticality of the goods in question and typical loading/unloading time required for the particular type of goods.

If the number of bays is less than the number of vehicles that are expected to load/unload the goods, it leads to congestion in this area. 

Hence, DIShA allocates a particular bay and a particular time to the arriving vehicles. By blocking the bay time-wise for particular vehicles, every stake holder gets can schedule their activities according to that time.

The stakeholders’ benefits are:

  • Vehicles need not endlessly wait for their turn to come.
  • The vehicle staff can schedule their hygiene, maintenance and rest needs as per their loading/unloading schedule.  
  • The bay staff need not worry about delays in loading/unloading of any critical goods as the system is smart enough to allocate the specific time.
  • The security staff at the plant level needs to deal with only the authorized vehicles whose time has been allocated.
  • The number of vehicles in the warehouse premise is also reduced as only authorized vehicles would be found there
  • The vehicle can use their interim spare time to more constructive use like maintenance or rest.
  • The general public at large also faces reduced congestion as only the relevant trucks would be found in the warehouse area. 

Since the system allocates the time by depending a complex set of algorithms basis the data pre-fed data, the transparency level increases manifold.