Mahindra Logistics


MILES is capable of not just transport management but capacity planning based on sales forecasts, execution visibility, financial reporting and freight audits. It is integrated with hand Held Terminals (HHT) and Global Positioning System (GPS) based vehicle tracking system for complete control of operations on a real time basis. It can be completely integrated with the host system for freight order receipt, freight billing and alerts.  

Some of the features and benefits can be classified as under:

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Freight Audit


Transport Planning Features:

  1. Business rules and constraint based Transport Orders planning e.g. vehicle availability / Reporting, zone/lane compatibility, product compatibility, Vendors business split etc. 
  2. Pro-Active Alerts on daily demand v/s supply of trailers 
  3. Review mechanism for trailer allocation v/s commitment by transport vendors 


Transport Execution Features:

  1. Operational update from field through Hand Held Terminals (HHT) for vehicle reporting,  quality, product storage, product quality, load quality and completion. 
  2. In Transit visibility based on the transit status of the shipments, via GPS, voice or email. 
  3. Delivery management including Proof of Delivery at delivery location, via HHT or web.   
  4. SLA based transporter ratings. 


Freight Audit Features:

  1. e-Delivery (POD) / POD based trigger for Accounts Payable and Receivables work flow
  2. Auto Invoicing for shipments with cost element break up – transaction accuracy
  3. Auto approval based on defined business rules – reduced billing cycles