Mahindra Logistics


MLL deployed an integrated system particularly for its PTS business, known as Sartha. Known to be one of the most robust and intelligent system currently available, Sartha’s essence lies in the following three steps: 


The planning phase consists of feeding the system with details regarding the names, gender and pick-up/drop locations of each of the passenger along with available car and corresponding details.

The details of the available drivers are entered into the system in a similar way. The system then studies the vehicle data and looks for problematic areas like the mechanical condition of the car, the road worthiness of the vehicles, fuel levels of the car amongst other parameters.

The RTO license, back-ground check and knowledge of the routes come as a part of the driver screening.

Vehicles and driver that comply with the fed standards are only considered for the next stage i.e. routing and scheduling. 

Routing and Scheduling

Basis the above data, Sartha automatically gives out vehicle-wise planned route. The system studies each of the passenger details (gender, pick-up/drop locations, timelines etc.) to give out the best possible combination of cars and its passengers. 

This finished report is then circulated to the all passengers the respective drivers. The operations supervisor has an access to the entire fleet route and its passenger information.


Once the vehicles depart to drop/pick-up the concerned passenger, the system is automatically updated. The Control Tower Operations (CTO) is informed in case of any deviations from the route or inordinate stoppages enroute The CTO then physically calls the concerned vehicle and understands the reasons of deviation and suggests remedies accordingly. 

In case of female passengers, an IVR call tracks their safe arrival at their place of residence. The lady passenger simply needs to answer her phone and follow simple instructions to confirm her safe arrival at her destination after disembarking from the car. This confirmation is updated for each and every female passenger and for each and every car round the clock. 

The primary stake holders - Supervisors, Drivers & passengers, have access to Sartha through a Smartphone app which is very convenient and easy to use.