Mahindra Ridge


MLL MPTS Solution

MLL MPTS solution is capable of transaction management of operations against agreed SLA's, Route Optimization and GPS based vehicle tracking integrated modules along with Hand Held Terminal (HHT) for real time operational data capture.

Mahindra logistics brings the expertise of deploying the solution according to Indian conditions to specific BPO/ITES/Airline needs This makes Mahindra Logistics a unique service provider, with capabilities of optimized routing solutions and execution of the same with measurable performance parameters.

The key aspect of this solution is that it is modular in nature and customers can pick and choose to deploy the modules based on their business requirements.

The salient features of this service include:

Transportation Planning

Routing and Scheduling System

  • System can store employee's master data along with their geo codes.
  • Roster system can process employee working schedules. This could be in the form of daily rosters in a specific format or weekly schedules.
  • Route and vehicle optimization planning is done through the routing and scheduling system taking in account business rules and constraints.
  • Trip assignment sheets can be printed out from the system and handed over to the respective vehicle drivers.
  • If required, system can integrate trip information through an SMS server for sending SMS to the employee stating the expected time, vehicle and driver who would be picking up the employee. System also supports Pull SMS for employees.
  • Employee Configuration:
    • Employee Category, shift time wise transport modes.
    • Female employees (No first pick up / last drop)
    • Maximum time for employee in the vehicle during transit.
  • Route Configuration:
    • Rush hour time windows (traffic slowdown) for route planning
    • Updated maps from leading vendors for new road networks and restrictions
    • Navigational maps used which covers one ways and detailed road network to ensure distance accuracy
  • Vehicle Configuration:
    • System configured to allow the number of employees that can be accommodated in a vehicle, depending on the type and category of vehicle / employee.
    • System has the flexibility to allow for the maximum number of KMs and / or time that a vehicle can travel in a day / routing period.
  • Employees can know the status of his/her transport schedule on mobile using push or pull SMS facility.
  • Improved operating metrics (Fill Factor/distance) with Optimized Routes
  • Analyzed resource deployment strategies prior to implementation
  • Automated routing process with routing consistency
  • Maximized asset utilization
  • Reduced re-routing time for new employees
  • Determining proper service frequency
  • Increase on-time pickup/drop off
  • Optimizing time on the road for resources

Transportation Execution

  • Customer / Vendor Contract management with the capability to capture contract SLA's and transaction quality checklists
  • Operational performance monitoring
  • Vendor performance monitoring
  • Transaction based billing and provision
  • This system is integrated with HHT and Routing and Scheduling systems to generate Plan vs. Actuals for all trips where all the modules are deployed
  • Operational performance control
  • Contractual performance control
  • Freight Audit
  • Real time Plan vs. Actual deviation alerts

Advanced Vehicle Tracking System

  • GPRS based vehicle tracking system that takes planned route input from the routing and scheduling system. It returns information in response to that plan to the centralized monitoring system.
  • Comprises of GPS and RFID card readers fitted in a car for employees to swipe at the time of boarding and de boarding the car.
  • The feed from car GPS is revived at central system at every second.
  • Centralized monitoring system interprets the same and is capable of showing the updates at specific time interval based on the business requirement.
  • Employee Safety & Security by monitoring driving habits e.g. Vehicle speed, acceleration & harsh-braking
  • Monitoring route adherence / deviation
  • Emergency Response Management (SOS Button)
  • Timely Reporting of Employees by monitoring movement of vehicles as per plan
  • Ability to monitor the vehicle to reduce non plan stoppages.
  • Pick up and Drop off of employees within specified time limits (Geo Coding)
  • Accurate Distance Measurement with special adapter for measuring the distance based on the odometer technology.
  • Integrated with Routing & Transaction Systems