Mahindra Ridge


MLL WMS helps transform conventional warehouses by improving efficiency and productivity of operations within the warehouse. MLL WMS automates receiving, put away, picking, and shipping in warehouses and supports inventory cycle count planning and execution.

This system also adds levels of control that permit users to better plan and manage resource and storage space in warehouse operations. It also provides management with real-time visibility to inventory and order status across different warehouses of the organization. WMS manages tasks and monitors performance in each of the following primary functional areas:


  1. Purchase Order Management 
  2. Receipts against PO
  3. Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Creation 
  4. Boxing and Inspection of goods
  5. GRN Confirmation


Storage & Put Away

  • System Directed Intelligent Put Away
    1. Optimized Travel Path
    2. Optimized Storage Space
    3. Segregation and Storage of items based on following
    4. Packaging
    5. Item Category
    6. Type of Location
  • Put Away Confirmation 


Picking & Shipping:

  1. System Directed Picks
  2. Travel Path Optimization
  3. Pick Methods
  4. FIFO / Lot Control / Near Expiry / Space Optimization
  5. Packing of goods
  6. Capture of Shipping Details


Order Processing

  • Sales Order Management
  • Order Processing
    1. Processes orders based on stock availability
    2. Grouping of orders based on 
    3. Picking Sequence
    4. Shipping Sequence
  • Stock Reservation against processed orders

Inventory Management:

  1. Cycle Counting Plan based on 
  2. Location / Zone / Item /  Item Category
  3. Cycle Counting Plan Execution
  4. Auto Adjustment of variations with appropriate approvals
  5. Replenishment Strategy
  6. Replenishment based on stock levels in the locations
  7. Replenishment from based on defined rules


Highly Configurable:

  1. Role based User Access 
  2. Supports Multi Company Single Warehouse operations
  3. Supports Single Company Multi Warehouse operations 
  4. Flexible warehouse locations categorization
  5. Flexible Picking and Put Away Strategies definition


Host System Interface:

  1. In house technical team capable of meeting interface requirements with host systems of customers
  2. Capability to upload most masters and transaction data thru pre-defined excel templates