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The bulk vertical of Mahindra Logistics provides customized logistics solution for movement and storage of steel, cement, polymers and a varied range of dry and bulk cargo. With the support of customized technology solutions and a dedicated team, Mahindra Logistics has been able to bring value to its customers. We also provide consulting services uniquely designed for each of our customers.

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Our strength comes from
our ability to provide customized solutions

Our experiences over the years have helped us understand the businesses of our clients effectively.

We are equipped to deliver innovative and unique transportation and warehousing solutions. And by understanding the specific requirement, we design a tailor-made solution, combining the required logistics components. The solution can range from a simple freight forwarding service to a highly sophisticated and integrated end-to-end logistics solution.

Our team is strategically built for high efficiency

MLL's competence comes from our subject matter experts who have experience in working across at modes of transport safely and efficiently. We constantly work on improving logistics and supply chain network using our full-service capabilities to design, increase efficiency, and build bulk logistics solution.

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