Mahindra Logistics

Integrated solutions for Consumer Industry to optimize storage & distribution


We offer integrated solutions from design to delivery, manage warehousing and distribution centers, secondary and last mile transportation while optimizing distribution systems and networks for FMCG, Consumer Durables and large retailers. We provide a whole suite of multi-channel and direct-to-market offerings using best-in-class technology. Our solutions are designed to serve your needs
Our solutions are designed to serve your needs
  • Receiving RM/PM material
  • Storage management
  • Issuing material as per schedule
  • Dispatch of material to line
  • In-plant manpower management
  • Supply of RM/PM to line
  • Receipt of FG from line
  • Storage of FG in warehouse
  • Dispatch of FG
  • Pan-India network to transport FG from plant/WH to RDC
  • Certified drivers and supervisors
  • Ability to provide transit visibility, shortest transit time
  • Management of receipt, storage and dispatch of material in warehouse
  • WMS solution for WH
  • Ability to handle 1000’s of SKUs
  • Pan-India secondary distribution

Our contribution to the Consumer industry

Delivering customer requirements on time is our primary focus. And to achieve that, we constantly monitor progress and devise innovative solutions to handle the products in the best possible manner.
  • Dedicated vehicles on circuits with contracted back haul via a tripartite agreement to realize benefits of 5-15% cost savings for each party
  • Greater availability of vehicle at plant
  • Technological solutions to provide complete transit visibility
  • Lower transit time
  • Minimum damage/pilferage
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