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Foreword 9
Truck Drivers Lack Self-Esteem And The Drive 15
An Approach To Tackle Driver Shortage 18
Driver Training -The Dronacharyas Of Driving 21
Arun Lakshman -The Father Of DriverTraining Institutes 27
Teaching Drivers Should Be Fun, Not A Dull Affair 31
Fuelling The Career Progress 35
Driving Away Technophobia 40
Let's Drive Home The Point That Our Drivers' Welfare Is A Priority 44
Driver Welfare Policies And Provisions Need To Be Adhered To 48
A Pinch Of Respect Is All They Need 52
Driver Welfare 59
Play Along As They Ply Along 62
Driver Loyalty Needs To Be Earned 67
Advantage Of Middle-aged Experienced Drivers 72
The Hiring Of Drivers 78
Desh Badal Raha Hai 83
The Multitasking Sarathi 86
The Weight Of Waiting 91
Truck Driving Is No Holiday 95
The Dhaba Phenomenon 99
The Threat Of Thefts 103
Sanitation Facilities - A Major Roadblock In Drivers' Lives 107
Investing In Infrastructure 110
Rest And Road Safety 117
Road Safety To Prevent Fatalities 120
The Champions Of Road Safety 125
Drivers Always Find A Way Out 130
Take A 'brake' On Drivers' Day 136
The Ethical Dilemma 138
A Letter To My Supply Chain Friend, Abhi 140
About The Author 145