Mahindra Logistics

Electric Vehicles are a preferred clean technology for the future of Mobility. Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) has launched a new exclusively electric last mile delivery service in India named ‘EDEL’. Derived from the term ‘Electric Delivery’, the EVs will be branded ‘EDEL’, specifically to cater to growing requirement from its e-commerce, consumer goods, pharma and retail clients.

We are the first movers and aim to be market leaders in the EV Cargo space by developing an electric ecosystem for last mile delivery, supporting both fulfilment and B2C logistics. We work closely with our customers by designing and operating highly tech enabled, integrated distribution and fulfilment solutions. This means both supply chain effectiveness enhancement and cost efficiency, while reducing carbon footprint very significantly.

With a plan to scale immediately to 1000 EV’s, EDEL at first would be operating across 6 major cities in India which includes Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata. These vehicles will be first launched at Bangalore and New Delhi in January 2021, followed by other cities across India.

The current vehicle of choice is the Treo Zor EV from Mahindra Electric, recently launched in November 2020 and ideal for this segment. These vehicles have better cubic capacity, range, safety and as a result deliver superior operating economics when compared to ICE vehicles currently used for last mile deliveries.

With the launch of EDEL we seek to fundamentally change the manner in which in-city distribution is managed and the impact it has on our environment.

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