Mahindra Logistics

Going green today,
for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Electric Vehicle Fleet service at a glance

Pioneers in EVs tech
Vehicle usage and cell charge
information integrated with ETS
Successfully running operations
across India

The MLL edge

End-to-end management capability
Dashboard analytics on vehicle performance and tracking
GHG and Carbon footprint management
Fast & Convenient Charging - With option for normal & Fast charge
EV Telematics for a connected Car: Tracking, Fleet management, vehicle health, etc.
Enhanced driving experience: Phone App to track, charge, AC control, door lock/unlock
Advanced Analytics for Optimized Operations: Driver scores, geo-fencing etc

As India pushes towards achieving the target of making 30% of all vehicles in India all-electric by 2030,

‘The future is electric’.

MLL is in tune with India’s target of making 30% of vehicles in India fully electric by 2030. And we are driven to make it happen.

  • Low emission profile
  • Reduced dependency on non-renewables
  • Government subsidies and rebates
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Independence from fuel prices
  • Metered electricity usage
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Monitor driving behavior through App
  • Recharge battery when braking
  • Reducing engine noise and vibrations
  • Telematics, Remote diagnostics, Fleet APIs
Offer your employees a green and environment friendly means of transport
Auto and Outbound
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