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In-Plant Logistics For A German Auto Company


The Group introduced to India one-of-the-best German automotive technologies. It is at their state-of-the-art assembly plant in Chakan, Pune that they breathe life into up to 200,000 vehicles a year in a full three-shift system. The Pune plant is one of the most modern in the Group. It has a high level of vertical integration and a large share of local suppliers. The facility is the only production plant operated by a German automaker in India that covers the entire production process, from press shop through body shop and paint shop to final assembly.


  • Huge Absenteeism: Huge absenteeism of contract labors was a major concern as it heavily impacted the In-plant operations
  • No improvement in the process leading to low productivity: Process improvement and control plans to support in-plant logistics as required by the company was not effectively met by the outsourced partner, which led to low productivity.
The group had outsourced its In-plant logistics to a 3PL and faced multiple issues with its current logistics partner. Intricately analyzing the need for a strong and experienced in-plant logistics partner, the company floated an RFQ to identify a partner who could meet all its requirements.


The proposal Our proposal was cost-effective and focused on productivity enhancement. Two important aspects of the project proposal were
  • The calculation of the service charges based on per car produced
  • An opportunity for us to invest more than INR 150 million in material handling equipment.
The account was attained after over 6 months of RFQ discussions and client visits to our operating sites for us to showcase our experience and satisfy their queries. Our expertise and experience achieved a new dimension when the Group outsourced their in-plant logistics to an Indian 3PL player, Mahindra Logistics, for the first time ever.

Managing Human Resource and Industrial Relations: -

Challenges are a part of every project. With the commencement of Operations, obstacles came in and so did the strength to surpass them.
  • The setup was created by acquiring over 450 employees from the previous Logistic Service Provider with the support of the customer.
  • A Help Desk was made operational for a period of 15 days for seamless transfer of these employees.
  • Absolute precision in planning ensured Zero Man days or Man hours are lost during the transition.
  • The tedious process of verifying documents, identification, and allocation of suitable roles based on experience and skillset was remarkably managed.
Inventory Control and Operations successfully commenced on the same midnight the previous logistics service provider handed over their operations.


Reaching this destination was challenging, but not impossible. Mahindra Logistics not only managed the KPIs efficiently but also outperformed the targets given by the client.
  • The absenteeism ratio was reduced by almost 50%
  • Line downtime was reduced from 0.05 minutes per car to 0.01 minutes per car
  • The number of internal transport damage dropped from 6/month to 0.2/month.
  • 100 % On-time JIT call performance
  • Achieved 99.99% Inventory accuracy
  • Repacking achieved 100% performance.
All of this paved the way for a low Turn Around Time (TAT), from 60 minutes to 33 minutes. The hard work helped us achieve much more than just the targets – we won several accolades and awards from the customers for our exceptional 5S performance, clearing all client and ISO audits. Accolades Bestowed On Us MLL was certified with ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its operations and successfully processed all audits, inventory audits with the help of 11 certified quality auditors. What’s more, we set a record of 90% score in the customer’s global audit as compared to 88% ‘worldwide’. By improving the safety measures at the plant, we were also able to achieve 430 man-days without any major accidents. That’s how, we at Mahindra Logistics, learned to set global benchmarks in handling in-plant logistics.


  • “I won’t forget the day when the transition of 450 people from our previous LSP to Mahindra Logistics took place without a single second of downtime!” - Shailendra Bajaj, HOD, Operative Logistics, India
  • “Mahindra Logistics has set some benchmarks for other organizations of our global group like their inventory targets. Their receiving activity is one of the best and has been approved by our global auditor as well.” - Devendra Karpe, Plant Operations Manager
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