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This industry operates with 3 geo clusters with volume balance posing challenges in managing logistics and on-going planning, collaboration and synergy for optimization of capacity and cost required. The growth of this vertical is primarily related to transportation.

Most of the enterprises vendor maintained inventory management and complex distribution network compel Logistics service providers towards multi-functional capabilities. We have identified how to integrate efficient processes to simplify our distribution network. We are aware of the product reaching the end consumer in its optimum quality, and we make sure that we do not compromise on that agenda.

Being an expert in auto inbounds process we realize the role of all these factors and we aim at bringing forth excellence in our auto outbound management.


  • Coordinating with Marketing FG, SCPC, Stockyards transporters for timely dispatches
  • Load Allocation, Load optimization, safety and securing of goods & Trailer Deployment and Tracking of Trailer
  • Providing real-time traffic information in vehicles
  • Introducing an electronic toll collection on all major highways and expressways
  • Initiating public transportation information systems in major cities
  • Introducing adaptive traffic signals, congestion charges and parking guidance
  • Installing weigh-in-motion technology for goods-carriage vehicles on roads
  • Initiating   innovative  processes &  reducing  cost of delivery 
  • Planning and scheduling carrier availability and dispatch scheduling
  • Identifying trailers that can handle special products with a detailed check of the trailers physical condition before loading
  • Handling Dispatch Documentation & Custody transfer to transporter
  • Outbound Logistics/Transportation–Managing transportation on routes confirmed by customer
  • Dedicated Trailers for all authorized routes assuring availability throughout year
  • Carrier Capacity: Dedicated CMVR (After confirmation from Government and within specified time frame) complied carriers will ensure guaranteed capacity on all routes PAN INDIA
  • Leveraging MLL Stockyards/Depots with secondary transportation to your new markets and dealers locations
  • In-plant handling & warehouse management for finished vehicles at the plant
  • Spares distribution on all India basis
  • Technology deployment for end-to-end visibility


Facts & Figures

Vehicles are allocated on the basis of product requirement

54 stockyards pan india

Strongest pan India distribution network

IT driven yard management from inventory to product tracking to end delivery point.

Meticulous Quality Check of every material - Visual and Technical

MLL Advantage

Expertise in customizing the carriers for optimizing utilization and in-transit safety

Strong presence and an experienced logistics player in outbound operations

Ability to provide storage facility across country as per requirement


Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Control Tower
Control Tower
transport management System
transport management System