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logistics cost in Indian auto and auto components


Today, the Automotive Industry is one of the biggest industries contributing to the world’s economy. Global auto components logistics is estimated to be around USD 91.58 billion in 2015 with India’s logistics cost in auto components industry being around 3-4%. Reverse logistics cost in Indian auto and auto components industry is estimated to be around 0.5-1% of the total auto and auto components industry.

Auto companies have the most complex supply chain architecture. The Inbound Transportation and Production Supply Chain for Auto OEMs, Auto Component Manufacturers and Engineering companies have similar requirements although the scale and complexity differ. In order to build synergies across these two giant industry verticals, Mahindra Logistics made A&E (Auto & Engineering) as one integrated business vertical.


4 star rating in Global quality audit – highest rating for customer warehouse

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We offer many value added services through our time tested legacy in this industry like Multi-modal transportation, Warehousing solutions, Stores and Linefeed services, Yard management, Large contractual workforce management, Just-in-Time services, Aftermarket logistics, Return Logistics, Layout and Process Design support etc. 

At Mahindra Logistics, we strongly believe in creating value for both, our customers as well as for ourselves, both in the short and long run. We have a large network of trained sales and solution design professionals who engage with prospective customers to understand their pain chain. We help our customers redefine their solution vision so that the impact is much greater than the expectations.

We believe in creating value through:- 

  • Capabilities that help the customers Increase revenues & profits
  • Capabilities that help the customers to optimize existing cost and improve profits
  • Capabilities that help the customers optimize a future cost
  • Capabilities that help the buyer with non-tangible benefits

We ensure that financial and operational value creation is preceded with smooth transition and implementation of the solution. Once the operation begins, the entire Ecosystem of Mahindra Logistics, from the Account Management team, Process Audit team, Training team, Process Improvement team, IT solution team down to the IR team intervenes on a periodic basis coupled with frequently laid out performance reviews. SLAs are measured and monitored fiercely with customer satisfaction being measured through an independent cell directly reporting to the top management. 

MLL Advantage

Regulating end-to-end management for Cross docking & Milk-run, Inbound / Outbound and In-plant stores

Strong presence and localized support in transportation and warehousing solutions across India

Collaborative synergies with auto OEM’s to offer optimized solutions


Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Control Tower
Control Tower
transport management System
transport management System