Mahindra Logistics
Consumer and Pharma Industry


Today, consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production with the interest of the producer ought to be attended to. This is where we place ourselves in the lives of giant consumer goods industry. We ensure that the producer of this industry fulfills consumer needs by creating timely availability of the products.

This effort is simplified by our innovative solutions which are further customized to match your unique requirements.


Achieved a figure of 7.1 Million of freight savings leading to improvement in vehicle space utilization to above 90% per annum

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We are focused to deliver our customer requirements on time. We aim at conceptualizing and initiating a process, keeping in mind, the service levels & cost. We monitor progress and evolve simultaneously allowing an innovative approach to handle your products in the best manner possible through: 

  • Dedicated vehicles on circuits with contracted back haul via a tripartite agreement to realize benefits of 5-15% cost savings for each party
  • Greater availability of vehicle at plant
  • Technological solutions to provide complete transit visibility
  • Lower transit time
  • Minimum damage/pilferage

MLL Advantage

Strong presence across all lanes in India as well as localized support in transportation and warehousing solutions

Ability to provide synergy and optimization by cross utilizing transport networks of large customer base across India

Cargo movement in weather-proof containers on Feeders


Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Control Tower
Control Tower
transport management System
transport management System