Mahindra Logistics

Supply chain transformation for Bajaj Electricals Limited


Announcement of project “Samriddhi” between Mahindra Logistics and Bajaj Electricals Limited for integrated logistics services. The requirement is of a complete end-to-end redesign of the entire logistics of their company. Twin objectives of achieving enhanced & industry-best service levels, coupled with a logistics cost saving in excess of 25%


Clients' logistics cost was running at a current of 6% and needed to be optimized to the industry average of 3-4% in the next 2-3 years while maintaining the order delivery time of 72 hrs or less to RREP distributors at a performance level of 97.6% or more.


  • MLL has redesigned and consolidated the logistics network with storage optimisation, transportation management, and inventory movement through technology, best practices, and automation.
  • At the heart of the network, there will be two mega-warehouses in New Delhi and Mumbai with the latest technology, automation, and skill-building enhanced by sustainable warehouse practices.
  • The network will further operate IT-enabled fulfillment centers from which Bajaj Electricals Limited dealers, distributors, customers will have delivery lead times.
  • Mahindra Logistics will deploy long-haul fleets and local distribution trucks enabled by tracking technology and control tower operations.
  • There will also be a transition towards sustainable logistics using electric delivery trucks from eDeL by Mahindra Logistics.
  • Transportation management and inventory movement through technology
  • Efficient secondary distribution through multi-point delivery
  • Greater asset utilisation using IOT monitoring


  • Check on Channel pilferage
  • Enhanced warehouse efficiency
  • Communication to a single vendor leading to increased accountability
  • Consistency in services across all platforms due to TOC adherence
  • An end-to-end redesign and outsourcing of client's entire logistics
  • Innovative solution for the consumer durables and electronics business
  • Enhanced warehouse efficiency to keep a check on channel pilferage and maintain consistency across services across all platforms
  • Communication to a single vendor leading to increased accountability
  • The transition towards a sustainable supply chain with the introduction of eDeL.
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