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We believe that information technology will lead and revolutionize logistics.

With this belief we integrate technology as a part of holistic supply chain and solutions. Through advanced technology, we ensure high visibility, efficiency, and responsiveness leading to supply chain management.

Technology forms the backbone of all our offerings. Extensive use of technology ensures that all the operations work smoothly and efficiently. Most of the technologies deployed by MLL have been extensively worked upon to suit our and our customers’ unique requirements and are successfully tried every day in every operation that we do.

Warehouse management system

MLL WMS helps transform conventional warehouses by improving efficiency and productivity of operations within the warehouse. MLL WMS automates
receiving, put away, picking, kitting and shipping in warehouses and supports inventory cycle count planning and execution.

This system also adds levels of control that permit users to better plan and manage resource and storage space in warehouse operations. It also provides management with real-time visibility to inventory and order status across
different warehouses of the organisation.

  • Optimise Space Utilisation in warehouse along with Put-away and Picking Strategy as per business requirement
  • Provide Value Added Services (Kitting, De-kitting, Packing etc.) under single platform
  • Cycle Count of Inventory to minimise sync error between physical & system inventory
  • Automated Interfaces with Customers’ ERP/TMS systems
  • Notify Stakeholders with automated alerts
  • Monitor and analyse operations through online dashboards & reports
  • Configure Platform as per customer requirements (Multi-User, Multi-Site, Multi-Company)
  • Leverage Pre-configured Templates for Master Data Management
  • Partnered with an external vendor to leverage their HHT (wireless scanner) based WMS. This complements our MLL WMS which is paper based
  • Automation and IoT functionality:
    • MHE tracking
    • Temperature Sensing & Monitoring
    • Diesel Generator Set Monitoring
    • PoC Planned and in discussion
  • Inventory visibility & High accuracy
  • Improved warehouse operations
  • Customized service offerings

Transport management system

The TMS platform enables collaborative logistics management. It enables collaboration with customers, BAs and partners. It helps save operational and freight costs through shipment consolidation.

The platform provides 360o transparency through data sharing across all stakeholders. It provides seamless visibility to operations resulting in operational efficiency as well as provide analytics and MIS reports.

  • Balance Loads across Operational Lanes for Primary Transportation
  • Plan Routes and Route Schedules for Secondary Transportation
  • Fast Configure Transportation & Freight Billing Models for rapid Account On-boarding
  • Initiate a Private Freight Exchange
  • Track and Trace Consignments (on-the-go)
  • Capture e-PoDs with help of digitisation
  • Vendor Rating and Continuous Vendor Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Self-Service Portal access to Customers and Business Associates
  • Automated Interfaces for Live Data Feeds from other Carrier Portals
  • Automated Interfaces with Customers’ ERP/WMS systems
  • Monitor and analyse Transportation Statistics
  • Secure Platforms with Periodic Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Ensure 99.99% Uptime
  • Automate Shipment Handling
  • Notify Stakeholders via automated alerts
  • Scale Platform to minimise downtime (on-the-go)
  • Visibility & Transparency of System based billing
  • Reduction in TAT for invoicing
  • Catering to over 200+ customers across multiple verticals

Control tower

The Control Tower Operations (CTO) is our core mechanism for communicating timely delivery of all movements, goods and passengers. It keeps an eagle’s eye on our fleet of vehicles ensuring smooth and timely delivery.

  • Centralised Control tower
  • Vehicle Tracking GPS/Non- GPS enabled
  • Exception Management to increase visibility for short and long-term decision-making
  • Real time Helpdesk Support
  • MIS Provide Stakeholders with Reports on Multiple Aspects depending on business requirements
  • Data Visibility at each stage
  • Performance Analysis for understanding targets & insights
  • Route Analysis to understand challenges & provide inputs and recommendations
  • Performance Improvements to help in targeting problem areas

Smart warehouse

Create model warehouses across people (training, referrals, salary advances), process (pick to light, System directed pick up and put away etc.) and technology (Warehouse Management Systems, Handheld Terminals led management, Yard management, Virtual Reality led training).

  • A state of the art approach to warehousing not just for our customers but also for the manpower working at sites.

ALYTE Management system

Platform to enable technology driven decision making, order to cash digitization and bringing efficiency in the cutthroat competition. The platform will enable centralization of several functions and provide supply side optimization by cross utilization of vehicles across sites and customers during a day. Tool will also enable simulation for any new business on boarding to provide visibility on pricing click here.

  • Efficiency, visibility and transparency in operations
  • System based billing for reducing revenue leakages and delays
  • Customer value proposition generated out of enhanced security & consistency along with predictability.
  • 99% visibility on operations
  • Cost savings generated from automation and inventory visibility.

BA connect

Business Associates are core to our business and this mobile & web based platform for Business Partners provides single window access to MLL, leading to better engagement & transparency. With increased no of users on portal it would enable participation in RFQs & providing fair business opportunities to all Business Associates. The system enables improve communication with the business partners, helps in quick problem resolution using complaint management efficiently and help in transparent, provides smooth payment module and real time visibility in Invoicing process. It also provides management of training and development click here.

  • Single window for All BA needs
  • Defined Responsibility & Reduces TAT on resolution of BA complains
  • Increasing BA outreach for its engagement activities
  • increasing quality of the relationship BA loyalty
  • Complete transparency & visibility of their receivables
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