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The best way to explain our Control Tower Operations (CTO) would be to compare it to our body’s nervous system. Like the nervous system has full control on the body, our CTO keeps an eagle’s eye on our fleet of vehicles ensuring smooth and timely delivery.

What We DoHow We Do ItWhy Do We Do It
Centralized Control towerProcesses are facilitated by technologies and skilled representatives. Technology such as configuring a set of services to business verticals, monitoring of vehicles movements and stoppages are carried out.Contributes to bolster the efficiency of the SCM business, enhancing performances as desired or targeted for. The big advantage of this central information hub is that it gathers and integrates data from a variety of sources and subsequently distributes it in a consistent format. It helps in analyzing data at a granular level for optimum solutions.
Vehicle Tracking GPS/Non- GPS enabledGPS enabled vehicles are tracked through systems with automated feeds. The Non - GPS team is constantly in touch with drivers and business associates.Observing vehicle movement, route performance with the aim of providing proactive service for on time delivery .Provide visibility to all stake holders, capture exceptions and activate relevant teams in case of exceptions.
Exception ManagementProvide information about delays under various circumstances and follow up with necessary stake holders as required.Enhanced visibility for short- and long-term decision-making that is aligned with strategic objectives.
Helpdesk SupportDedicated support provided via a toll free number and mail ticket management system. All the queries and complaints are logged in to the ticket management for appropriate tracking.To communicate real time with the customers resolve customer queries and complaints and collect customer feedback.
MIS Provide Stakeholders with Reports on Multiple Aspects depending on biz requirements /demandsStandardized reporting structure basis the System generated data/reports from the Transport Management System.

Provide complete segmentation and understanding of data.

Gathers and integrates data from several sources and subsequently distributes it in a consistent format.

Enables attainment of end to end visibility.

Enables management to take further business decisions.

Data Visibility

Provide data on various parameters

On time delivery





Visibility at each stage.
Performance AnalysisShare monthly and quarterly performance analysis comparisons, highlighting delays and exceptions

Enables understanding of performance against the expectations/ targets.

Provide insights on areas of opportunities.

Helps in industry comparison.

Route AnalysisAnalyse the route journey for various issues road conditions, toll stoppages, conjestion on the route.To understand challenges faced In a particular route which impact performance and provide inputs and recommendations.
Performance Improvements

Close monitoring live through data helps in targetting problem areas.

Regularized reviews.

Focus on key measurements for corrective or required actions.

TT improvements.

Reduction in exceptions.

Reduced shortages and damages.