Mahindra Logistics



The TMS platform enables collaborative logistics management. It enables collaboration with customers, BAs and partners. It helps save operational and freight costs through shipment consolidation. The platform provides 360 degree transparency through data sharing across all stakeholders. It provides seamless visibility to operations resulting in operational efficiency as well as provide analytics and MIS reports.

What We DoHow We Do ItWhy Do We Do It
Balance Loads across Operational Lanes for Primary TransportationLoad Balancer Cockpit Module (TMS)Minimization of empty capacity across operational lanes while ensuring committed Service Levels
Plan Routes and Route Schedules for Secondary TransportationRoute Planning & Optimization EngineMinimization of transportation cost while adhering to threshold Service Levels, Delivery Time Windows, Load Factor Utilization, Road Traffic Conditions, and Allocation Rules based on Share of Business
Fast Configure Transportation & Freight Billing Models for rapid Account On-boardingMaster Configuration Module (TMS)Minimise time to go-live by leveraging pre-configured templates of transportation and Freight Billing models and applying delta changes on them to meet individual customer requirements.
Initiate a Private Freight ExchangeFreight Exchange Module (TMS)Minimization of Freight Cost as well as Reduction in time required to finalize Business Associates (Transporters) and awarding of contracts for lane(s) through e-auctions
Track and Trace Consignments (on-the-go)Shipments Tracking Module & Mobile Apps (TMS)Increased convinience through on-the-go information facilitated by Mobile Apps as well as minimisation of time required to track/trace a consignment while providing accurate ETA through advanced algorithms and automated logging of geofence entry and exit times for consignments at every waypoint configured en-route
Capture e-PoDsPoD Mobile App (TMS)Increased transparency for customers by enabling real-time visibility. Reduction in time for billing reconcilliation through digital POD capture (enabled thorugh consignee's e-signature) while ensuring accuracy of consignee location through live geolocation cross-referencing.
Manage Vendor PerformanceVendor Management EngineIncreased OTIF ("On-Time-In-Full") enabled through Vendor Rating and Continuous Performance Monitoring and Management
Self-Service Portal access to Customers and Business AssociatesUser Access Configuration (TMS)Maximise Transparency to Customers and Business Associates (Transporters) by enabling direct access to the TMS platform (reports, live status updates) through customizable data views while ensuring optimum data privacy and security.
Automated Interfaces for Live Data Feeds from other Carrier PortalsStandard API Toolkit (TMS)Maximise consignment visibility through live integration with other Carriers' Web Services
Automated Interfaces with Customers' ERP/WMS systemsStandard API Toolkit (TMS)Minimise manual intervention through automated data exchanges between TMS and customer's ERP/WMS systems
Monitor and analyze Transportation StatisticsData Visualization Engine (BI)Minimise time for conducting Root Cause Analysis for exceptions management. Minimise time for validating hypotheses on Business Process Optimization through OLAP
Secure PlatformsPeriodic Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration TestingMaximise data security through periodic Vulnerability and Penetration Assessment Tests and subsequent incorporation of security patches.
Ensure 99.99% UptimeNDR / FDR strategyMaximise platform uptime through hot mirroring (Near DR as well as Far DR located in a different siesmic zone )
Automate Shipment HandlingHHT / Mobility Integration (TMS)Minimise Manual Intervention and maximise data accuracy by automating Shipment Handling through incorporation of TMS-integrated HHTs/mobility devices.
IVR based Delivery UpdatesIVR PlatformMinimise lags in up-country and ODA shipment delivery status updates through IVR based delivery information logging.
Notify StakeholdersAlerts Module (TMS)Maximise visibility through email/SMS based automated alerts; configurable for specific events in the shipment lifecycle
Scale Platform (on-the-go)Hosted on IaaS (Azure Cloud)Minimise downtime by ensuring rapid scale out of resources (CPU, memory) as and when required