Mahindra Logistics

Tower Equipment & Warehousing Management along with Transportation for a communications infrastructure company


We offered a leader in the telecom industry with forward and reverse transportation of equipment to towers services that are aimed at improving their operational efficiency by effective integration of technology, managing warehouses, and drive cost optimisation. We act as the supply chain strategy partner for the customer. Managing 60,000 sqft warehouse space in Lucknow for last 3 years. Adherence to the safety of manpower and material is a key focus area and value addition. 5-6 vehicles are being dispatched daily. We have successfully achieved 98.05% of KPI.


  • Distribution Network Optimisation
  • Inventory, Lead time & Cost Management
  • Reliability and on-time delivery
  • Adaptation to existing operations
  • Prompt on Scale-up & Scale down activities


With our holistic solutions:
  • Selecting the best model through multiple simulations
  • Consolidation of warehouses
  • Mapping 100% of the storage locations
  • Round the clock tracking of movements, goods, vehicles
  • Value-added services of kitting and packing


  • Reducing their total warehousing space by almost 40%
  • Improvement in TAT for site servicing
  • Reduction in GRN processing time, lead time, inventory cycle, and holding cost
  • Managed to reduce their overall logistics cost by 10% by integrating our services with technology


Value-added service of material handling is carried out which involves dismantling and re-installation of tower equipment
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