Mahindra Logistics

Building evergreen relationships of trust


Being an asset-light business, Mahindra Logistics Limited sources vehicles, warehouses,and manpower from it’s Business Associates. We currently work with over 1800+ partners. Our associates support us across our Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Mobility Solution businesses and develop their businesses with us.

Our partnerships are spread across four segments

Truck owners, Truck and Fleet Aggregators
Manpower service provider at warehouses and production units
Enterprise Mobility
Passenger vehicle owners and Aggregators
Warehouse owners
No matter the size of your business, you grow with the right partner.
Consistent business throughout the year
Regular and timely payments
Multiple ways to partner with us
Long term partnership
Sharing Mahindra Logistics Limited goodwill
Development Programs
Through the special, Business Associates Program of Mahindra Logistics Limited, we train our partners and their employees on topics such as customer service skills, communication skills, and etiquette.

Our partners are engaged with us throughout their journey of association with us.

Our Business Associates Development and Loyalty Program incentivise our associates to contribute more assets while improving service quality and performance.

Engagement Activities

Our business associates engagement program seeks to develop and maintain strong ties with all business associates.

It is responsive towards their needs we identify the priorities concerns and expectations of our stakeholders and continue building and upholding their trust through regular, meaningful engagement.

BA Awards

Mahindra Logistics Limited works with several Business Associates and is closely associated with them. Annually, we host an awards’ ceremony to commemorate our most outstanding partners in various categories.

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