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About Catapult

Innovation is our way of thinking. We want to make it yours.

Catapult by Mahindra Logistics aims to transform the Indian Supply Chain & Mobility sector and co-create future-ready tech-powered solutions with the Indian startup ecosystem. Catapult offers a unique world-class platform that supports, enables, accelerates, and empowers the Logistics startup community to Rise. The Program will catapult innovative solutions to market maturity, by refining PoCs to industry-ready solutions, and will also provide access to the Mahindra leadership and its partner ecosystem.

The second edition of Catapult saw a participation of over 100 start-ups from the Supply Chain & Mobility ecosystem. After a robust evaluation process, 6 start-ups were shortlisted for the Cohort. The Cohort participants are collaborating with Mahindra companies on some real-world use-cases for a period of 3 months to develop market-ready solutions.

Witness these innovators and more, showcase their innovations at our upcoming Catapult Premiere Day to be held at Taj Vivanta, Whitefield, Bangalore on 22nd September 2022 between IST 10 am to 5 pm. Join us to check out the latest innovations in supply chain, gain insights from the industry leaders in a panel discussion and network with your peers from the industry.

Our Exhibitors at Catapult Premiere Day:

  1. Accio Robotics: Deployment of AMRs for material movement to increase the picking efficiency at Fulfilment Centers
  2. Linkeddots: Creating a mapping grid for 2W/ 4W stockyards to reduce dispatch times
  3. SenseGiz: Workforce productivity tracking and increasing throughput in Stores & Line Feed Operations
  4. Aurita: Last Mile Delivery for small packages through e-bikes to reduce the delivery costs per shipment
  5. Jidoka Technologies: AI-based computer vision system for maintaining inventory count, enabling better inventory visibility and control.
  6. Constems AI: Automated QC check during Loading/Unloading of SKU at warehouses to reduce manpower costs
  7. Hiper: Sustainable cargo solutions to identify best route practices through optimization algorithms by reducing carbon footprint in trucking
  8. Enmovil: Multimodal modeling for eliminating damages, reducing transit delays and enabling end-to-end automation
  9. Elixia: Digitalization of supply chain process to reduce costs and bring visibility for goods in transit
  10. Unbox: Plug & play system of AI-powered mobile robots to sort packages at 5X higher productivity in less than 70% of the space required by existing solutions
  11. Koireader: AI Tech that enables productivity in put away, open replenishment process through AI-enables cameras in the racking operations and secondary distribution

Focus Areas

Catapult 2.0 is focused on identifying technology solutions in the Logistics & Supply Chain and Mobility space.
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Internet of Things (IoT)
Robotics & Automation
Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
Big Data & Analytics
Low-Cost Hardware/ Connectivity/ GPS Based Solutions
E-Mobility Solutions

Program Journey

Catapult Program Journey 2022

OUR Partners

What they get


  • Location: Start-ups registered in India or those planning to expand to India
  • Field of operation: Should operate in the technologies mentioned in the Focus Areas section above and should be applicable to Logistics & Supply Chain and Mobility industry
  • Time Commitment: at least 8 to 10 hours per week
Business Maturity
  • Should demonstrate a working MVP (validated product / solution)
  • Should have at least one revenue generating client
Who will not qualify
  • Start-ups in concept stage or prototype stage where the product is not fully validated
  • Start-ups with validated product that have already established a strong pan-India presence
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