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About Catapult 3.0

Co-creating future-ready tech-powered solutions with the Indian start-up ecosystem in the Supply Chain and Mobility space

Catapult 3.0 is here! We are excited for the third chapter of our program and are looking forward to an inspiring participation this year, and once again offering a unique world-class platform to support, enable, accelerate, and empower the Indian Logistics start-up community to Rise. The program catapults innovative solutions to market maturity, by refining PoCs to industry-ready solutions, and also provides access to the Mahindra leadership and its partner ecosystem.

Pivoting around technology and innovations in Supply Chain and Mobility, this program has a sharper focus in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics & Automation, Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Drones, Big Data & Analytics, Low-Cost Hardware/ Connectivity/ GPS-Based Solutions, and E-Mobility Solutions.

Catapult encourages and follows an agile decision-making process, along with hands on mentoring, delivering an effective review cadence. This strong review cadence ensures timely and effective execution of the projects by the start-ups. Our program also supports pilot projects, with the help of business and technology champions, while also providing business anchors for daily problem-solving.

After a robust evaluation process, start-ups are shortlisted for the program. The cohort participants then collaborate with us on some real-world use-cases for a period of 3 months to develop market-ready solutions.

Our partners this year are:

  1. Agnii Igniting Ideas
  2. Intel Start-up Program
  3. SINE Business Incubator
  4. iCreate

This platform focuses on giving start-ups the opportunity to bring their ideas to life by displaying their innovations as well as helping them achieve the goals they created when they envisioned the change, they want to bring in the industry. This year we also have an exciting new alliance with Plug-In. As a part of this alliance, we will also be collaborating with Your Story, Frost and Sullivan, and many more, to give our participants the kind of empowerment required to unleash the spirit of innovation.

The technology start-ups are integrated as a part of MLL’s ‘Smart Automation Program’. These collaborations aid in enhancing operational efficiencies through real-time deployment and in strengthening this platform for future innovators in the logistics industry.

Focus Areas

Catapult 2.0 is focused on identifying technology solutions in the Logistics & Supply Chain and Mobility space.
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Internet of Things (IoT)
Robotics & Automation
Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
Big Data & Analytics
Low-Cost Hardware/ Connectivity/ GPS Based Solutions
E-Mobility Solutions

Program Journey

Catapult Program Journey 2022

OUR Partners

What they get


  • Location: Start-ups registered in India or those planning to expand to India
  • Field of operation: Should operate in the technologies mentioned in the Focus Areas section above and should be applicable to Logistics & Supply Chain and Mobility industry
  • Time Commitment: at least 8 to 10 hours per week
Business Maturity
  • Should demonstrate a working MVP (validated product / solution)
  • Should have at least one revenue generating client
Who will not qualify
  • Start-ups in concept stage or prototype stage where the product is not fully validated
  • Start-ups with validated product that have already established a strong pan-India presence
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