Mahindra Logistics


MLL WMS helps transform conventional warehouses by improving efficiency and productivity of operations within the warehouse. MLL WMS automates receiving, put away, picking, and shipping in warehouses and supports inventory cycle count planning and execution.

This system also adds levels of control that permit users to better plan and manage resource and storage space in warehouse operations. It also provides management with real-time visibility to inventory and order status across different warehouses of the organization.

What We DoHow We Do ItWhy Do We Do It
View Inventory across Multiple Warehouses at Real timeInventory Management Module (WMS)Minimise Stock-outs and reduce SKU obsolescence through inventory management
Optimize Space UtilizationZone, Bin and SKU Group Management (WMS)Maximise Space Utilization in the Warehouse, thereb increasing WH throughput
Optimize Put-away and PickPut-away and Pick Method Configuration (WMS)Minimise Bin Location Search, Put-away and Pick time for maximising WH throughput
Provide Value Added Services (Kitting, De-kitting, Packing etc.)BOM Management & Packing Management (WMS)Maximises operational visibility by ensuring all VAS services are covered under the aegis of a single platform
Cycle Count of InventoryInventory Management Module (WMS)Minimise inventory sync errors between Physical Inventory and System Inventory
Manage Purchase Orders and Work OrdersPO Management Module (WMS)Reduces time to audit inventory as well as to track unfulfilled Purchase Orders; provides visibility of receipts against Purchase Orders
Automated Interfaces with Customers' ERP/TMS systemsStandard Interface Toolkit (WMS)Minimise manual intervention through automated data exchanges between Customer's ERP and TMS systems
Invoicing and automate calculation of Freight ChargesRate & Tax Configuration Module (WMS)Minimises manual intervention in invoicing and Freight Charges computation
Operate RemotelyHHT Integration Module (WMS)Minimises Manual Data Entry Effort/time by automating critical Warehousing operations like Receiving, Picking, Cycle-counting, Shipping and Dispatch through comprehensive HHT integration
Notify StakeholdersAlerts Module (WMS)Maximise visibility through email based automated alerts (Workflow based)
Monitor and analyse OperationsReports and Dashboard Module (WMS)Maximise visibility through online dashboards; reduce time for critical analysis through various reports available online
Secure PlatformsPeriodic Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration TestingMaximise data security through periodic Vulnerability and Penetration Assessment Tests and subsequent incorporation of security patches.
Ensure 99.99% UptimeNDR / FDR strategyMaximise platform uptime through hot mirroring (Near DR as well as Far DR located in a different siesmic zone )
Configure Platform as per customer requirementsMulti-User, Multi-Site, Multi-Company Configuration SupportMinimises configuration time and time to go-live through Multi-User, Multi-Site, Multi-Company Configuration Support
Leverage Pre-configured Templates For Master Data ManagementPre-configured Templates for Bulk UploadsMinimise configuration time and time to go-live by leveraging pre-configured master data templates for bulk uploads