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We are known for our operational excellence in Warehouse management and in/out-bound transportation.

To deliver beyond expectations, we also offer various Value-added Services (VAS) to all our customers. These services eliminate the need to recruit dedicated resources to monitor and execute such activities. This helps avoid transportation delays that may arise due to them.

MLL offers various value-added services
Kitting is mostly availed VAS by auto OEMs, Telecom and Consumer product companies. All MLL warehouses are well adept to provide kitting services to its customers at a very short notice.
MLL offers various value-added services
This service is the most sought after by consumer product companies. Goods that are either imported or made locally are transported to the nearest MLL warehouse. Here, depending on the dispatch requirements, the respective quantities are removed from the bulk and further transported.
MLL offers various value-added services
Labelling is availed by all customers on a frequent basis at MLL. It is used while Kitting or Bulk Breaking activity when the original label is deemed ineffective if the goods are intended to be transported further.
MLL offers various value-added services
Generally, Bundling is considered as the opposite of Bulk Breaking. It is on of the most in-demand service from MLL and is mostly used by consumer product companies.
MLL offers various value-added services
This service is generally opted for if any of the above services are used. Essentially, the resultant packages are very different than the original in such cases. Due to its different sizes, special packaging needs to be devised to achieve optimum costs of logistics.
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